Support Packages

Monthly Retainers

I love working with my clients in an ongoing, long-term partnership where we can really dig in and grow together. I offer 10, 15 and 20-hour Monthly Retainer Packages.

Here’s how it works: Your monthly retainer fee reserves time specifically for you in my practice each month. Together, we will determine what recurring daily, weekly or monthly tasks I’ll handle for you in those hours plus whatever else might come up during the month. You have peace of mind knowing you have first priority on my schedule and It’s super easy to budget the expense when you know the exact amount and day you’ll be charged each month!

Retainer packages are automatically billed monthly. 30-day notice is required to cancel a retainer.

10-hour Monthly Retainer $700 (billed monthly)
15-hour Monthly Retainer $1050 (billed monthly)
20-hour Monthly Retainer $1400 (billed monthly)

A couple of questions that often come up around the Monthly Retainer Packages:

What if I use more than my allotted time in a month?
Super simple. At the end of our month, I will bill you for any hours over your retainer at the same rate ($70/hour). I will always let you know where you’re at with your hours so there are no surprises!

What if I don’t use all my hours in a month?
Because I am reserving a set number of hours in my practice to support you fully each month, unused hours do not rollover. I will keep you updated on hours used and help you make the most of your retainer package.

Project Packages

These hourly packages are designed for those who have a specific project or would like “as needed” support. You may use your hours in whatever way you wish, and I will help you organize and prioritize your tasks to be sure we are using your time efficiently and effectively.

Unused hours expire at the end of the package term.

10-Hour Project Package $750 (used within 2 months)
15-Hour Project Package $1,125 (used within 3 months)
20-Hour Project Package $1500 (used within 4 months)