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I’ve worked with Jackie for over 6 years now and she has saved my butt more than once when I had no idea what to do to best market and leverage my business. She knows the technology side and also the business development side, and continually impresses me with how amazingly deep (and effective) her expertise is. The best part is that Jackie supports, advises, and encourages me with real heart and passion. I know she has my back – and that’s priceless. She’s incredible. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Jackie!

Danny Ceballos, MBA - Executive Coach, Unleashed Consulting, Inc.

Our business was moving along out of rhythm … a smooth ride one day and a teeth-jarring mess the next. Jackie helped us create a very clear marketing system and it runs like clockwork. Jackie is an amazing collaborator. Her attitude is a warm and loving “Yes” as she engages with all we throw at her week after week. She has a way of guiding us to a better path than the one we might bring to her. All of this has steadily grown our membership and our revenues in a way that is quite fulfilling to us. We are definitely happier and more successful as a result of hiring and working with Jackie.

Kat & Curtis Knecht, Co-Active Coaches, Soul Driven Success Business Academy

I hired Jackie and her team to help me set up and manage quite an extensive online coaching portal for my Life Coaching Academy so I could just focus on my strengths as a coach. Jackie is very skilled and knowledgeable with all tech stuff, and it was such a relief to be able to just tell her what I needed, and she could figure out how to effectively make it happen so much faster than I ever could. She is very organized, systematic, efficient, and an excellent communicator. This made it simple and easy to create a professional easy-to-navigate portal experience for me and my clients and for us to stay on the same page. She has creative ways of solving challenges and has worked with me to bring my vision to life. And most importantly, I genuinely appreciate her compassionate, heart-centered approach to it all. I highly recommend Jackie and her team!

Andrea Ferguson, Founder, The F.I.T. Life Method

Jackie turns my ideas into reality. I worry about the ‘what’ and she worries about the ‘how.’ She’s upbeat and I love her can-do spirit – especially on things we’ve never done together before. In addition, she’s been great at handling my online marketing, including updating my website recently. I couldn’t run my business without her!

Mary Byers, CAE, CSP - Author, Speaker, Consultant, Mary Byers, Inc.

I could not have created my first online program without Jackie. She straightened up my website, edited my videos and made them into a program. All the while teaching me what I needed to learn as a beginner. She created everything just as I wanted. Her services were worth much more than her fee. I highly recommend her.

Martie Weatherly, Weatherly Coaching

It’s been a huge year of transition and expansion and my ability to do my professional expansion was only possible because of all the scaffolding, not to mention concrete and tangible systems and applications, created by your hands. I know how much you care and are committed to the quality of your work and the success of your clients because I’ve experienced it. You lead with it: care and commitment.

Jacquie Stebbings, Certified Life and Mindset Coach, CentreStone Coaching

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