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“Jackie turns my ideas into reality. I worry about the ‘what’ and she worries about the ‘how.’ She’s upbeat and I love her can-do spirit – especially on things we’ve never done together before. In addition, she’s been great at handling my online marketing, including updating my website recently. I couldn’t run my business without her!”

Mary Byers, CAE, CSP - Author, Speaker, Facilitator, Consultant, Mary Byers, Inc.

“I’ve worked with Jackie for over 4 years now and she has saved my butt more than once when I had no idea what to do to best market and leverage my business. She knows the technology side and also the business development side, and continually impresses me with how amazingly deep (and effective) her expertise is. The best part is that Jackie supports, advises, and encourages me with real heart and passion. I know she has my back – and that’s priceless. She’s incredible. Highly and wholeheartedly recommend Jackie!”

Danny Ceballos, MBA, Unleashed Consulting, Inc.

“Jackie is the MOST organized person I have ever met. Nothing escapes her or falls through the cracks. I’ve had experiences in the past where I’ve had to micro-manage my VAs, but not with Jackie. Once she has something on her to-do list you can rest assured it will get done in a timely way.  And, not only that, but she will exceed your expectations. Jackie is a gifted copywriter and was able to take a huge load off my plate. So far, I haven’t found anything she can’t do!”

Ginger Burr, Total Image Consultants

“Because of what Jackie did to help us evolve, which included systems automation, technology upgrades and services expansions, we are able to focus more on being in relationship with our clients and potential clients, increasing sales, and generally reconnecting with the reason this business got started in the first place – to make a positive change in the world! The time and talent that Jackie put into our business was kept within budget, completed on time, and she is a dream to work with.”

Liv K., Western School of Feng Shui

“Hiring Jackie was one of the smartest business decisions I’ve made. Jackie is an absolute standout. She is beyond capable, always organized, and an excellent communicator. I’ve launched a variety of projects and taken my business through some significant shifts in my time with Jackie, and she has consistently delivered creative solutions for everything I’ve wanted or needed to do. With Jackie, I believe all things are possible.”

AnnMarie Roth, NTS, LMT, CHA, Nourish Your Purpose & The Introvert Print Project

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