meet jackie

The most successful business owners don’t get there alone.

Somewhere amidst the day-to-day of running your business (or just getting it set up), when you actually have a moment to sit still and think, you’re probably wondering … How will I ever get all of this done by myself? I just want to be out there getting clients and working with them!

I talk to business owners every week who are stuck, not able to move to the next level, because they try to do everything themselves — the website updates, the scheduling, the client agreements, the onboarding, the monthly newsletter, the billing, the follow up … all things that have to get done, right? But are YOU the best person to do them? Is doing all the back-end, techy stuff the best use of your time?

That’s where I can help!

Part online business expert, part technology whiz and a little bit superhero, I’m passionate about helping solopreneurs just like you find freedom in their business so they can focus on doing what they really love.

I take all of the techy, tedious, not-fun-for-you tasks off your hands and keep the back-end of your business running smoothly. Together we’ll create plans, processes, and systems to make it super easy for you to really dig into growing your business … knowing you have everything in place to manage all of it.

A little history …

I began my career back in the day as a graphic designer, creating beautiful print projects for my family’s offset- and screen-printing shop. I did everything from developing ideas to typesetting to artwork to process camera work to burning screens (way before everything was digital!). I moved into sales then purchased a Proforma printing and promotional products franchise and for 10 years ran my one-woman business serving local clients.

After years of infertility and heartbreak, my beautiful, healthy son was born in February, 2003. After just about a year trying to care for an infant, run my business from home, make sales calls and all the rest, I made the hard decision to sell my business. I loved every single moment of those years as a stay-at-home mom!

When my son went to kindergarten, I knew it was time to start a new business … something that combined my love of technology with my years of business experience yet gave me room to be creative. While listening to an audio book during my morning walk one day I heard the term “Virtual Assistant” and started to research this emerging industry as soon as I got home. I joined a training program through Assist University (AssistU), graduated with flying colors and started my VA practice September 1, 2008.

I’ve spent over 11 years now working with clients in many industries from consultants to authors to speakers to coaches all around the world! I am truly grateful that I get to do what I love every single day … working with ideal clients whom I adore, helping them get out there and do what they do best.

On a personal note …

I am mom to a smart, kind, creative, compassionate, 17-year-old son. We live in Central Illinois, near all of my immediate family, with our four cats: Sadie, Sam, Jaxson, and Max. When I’m not momming, or at my desk, I love to read, write, and learn new things. I’m always taking some class or another! My interests are eclectic to say the least. I’ve studied literature, creative writing, spirituality, graphic design, computer technology, web design, and internet marketing to name just a few. I am an Apple girl through and through so I’m never far from a Mac, Macbook, iPad, or iPhone (and a good internet connection). I love being anywhere near the ocean and on a clear night (no matter where I am) you’ll often find me gazing at the moon and stars.

Ready to see if we’re meant to work together?